Monday, December 7, 2009

Golf consumed our summer. Both Poppy and I played in some tournaments, together and individually. We won a little money...not a lot but enough to make us want to sign up for the next tournament. We had visits from Saratoga friends, G&K, and our best man, DB and each of the children picked a weekend to visit and we enjoyed every moment. J, J & KM came in July; J, F & D came in August; and C, S, MPP & SP came in September. We had a golf date the afternoon that they left and we weren't yet finished with the 1st hole when J called to say that our little KJ had decided, just like his sister KM, to come a few weeks before his due date. We finished our round of golf and then left for Erie to check out and give some love to our 5th precious grandchild. A few days later I was scheduled to take a trip to the western red rocks with "Lucy and Edith." It was a bus trip that started in Phoenix and ended at the Las Vegas airport. I call it "Phoenix to Vegas and the Red Rocks In-between." I took 1777 pictures on the trip and I've whittled them down to less than that...enjoy!

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