Tuesday, December 8, 2009

October, November & now it's December

When I got back from my western trip I went to spend a week with Mrs. J, KM, and KJ while Mr. J worked every day. i loved having time to spend with KM. We developed a routine playing with her nesting blocks and it was wonderful when we stopped to visit on our way to Florida that she remembered our fun. I'm anxious to see her reaction when we see each other again for Christmas. KJ was being a good baby: eating, pooping, and sleeping. It was only after I left that he decided to mix up his days and nights. Of course, I hope he doesn't mess with his Mom and Dad's sleep for too much longer. When Poppy came back to pick me from my time with J & J, we decided to visit D on his birthday. Mrs. J, KM & KJ came with us and we had a fun night with D, J & F. We had D's favorite supper and ice cream cake for dessert. Thank you J & F for a warm welcome in the middle of your very busy week.

When Poppy and I got home from being filled with love from the grandbabies we decided that although we planned to leave for our winter in Florida on November 1, that with my work's travel schedule we would leave mid-October so Poppy could spend Mema's time away in the warm instead of the anticipated cold late fall weather. We packed up and left on October 18 and had to have one last hug and kiss from our grandkids. We stopped overnight at KM & KJ's, then a night at D's, and then eastward to have an overnight with MPP & SP. Our hope is that that lovin' would keep us until Christmas. Next week we leave for Christmas with them all and we are both more than ready for another round of hugs and kisses.

Although Indian Summer arrived in Webster shortly after we left for Florida (and I love Indian Summer), we are happy to be here and love the sunshine and warmth. We will endure the colder weather during our Christmas trip north because when we are with our children and grandchildren we always feel warm.

In mid-November we took a trip with cousins L & 'the Cap't' to Key West for the Off-Shore Powerboat Races. We had a great time and especially liked spending the day on a catamaran positioned as the 3rd turn of the races. As soon as I can figure out again how to get the pictures where i want them on this blog I will post a few taken along the way and while we were there.

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