Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter 2010

I'm snowbound. I'm living in Florida for the winter and I'm snowbound. No, Florida really didn't get any snow. I came north at the end of January to spend a week with J, F, D and our brand-spankin' new 6th grandchild, JL. The weekend I was to go back to Florida "Snowmageddon" hit and I've had two flights cancelled. i was to leave Monday, then Thursday, and now i may leave Friday and I probably won't know if I will fly until Friday (02/12). I have traveled for 20+ years and this is the first time I have been stuck like this.  I am lucky I am not stuck at the airport but "stuck" in a loving, warm, happy environment.  I cannot say I miss the sunshine because my grandchildren are "my sunshine." However, we probably all need to get back to our normal lives.

We came north for the joy of Christmas with all the children and grandchildren. We returned to our Florida home before New Years but golf has continued to be almost non-existent for us this winter. I am hoping to start hitting the links again when I get back "home" from snowmageddon.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last couple of months.  

Self Portrait - best picture ever of me!

My Angler Man - JERj - Key West
My Holiday Masterpiece

He seems so much more personable on TV.

Key West - November 2009

Reflections in the Fall - Upstate NY - taken with my iPhone

I love flowers.  i don't like digging in the dirt but I do like to photograph them.


Grandchild #6 - Brand-Spankin' New Granddaughter - JLK - Born 01/23/2010, 8.8 lbs., 19.5 in.

 Grandchild #5 - Our September grandson - KJS 

Grandchild # 4 - LCW will be 2 in May.

Grandchild #3 - KMS will be 2 in March.

Grandchild #2 - Camo-Man, as Poppy likes to call him.  DFK is big brother to JLK - "she's my baby!"

Grandchild #1 - ASW - Our soccer star - Toothless and Happy

"Our" Christmas Morning...almost got a picture of all of them.  Missing & probably the photographers: FGK, SLW, & KJS (napping for sure).


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